Road Safety and Car Insurance Quotes in New York City NY

Ever since the first automobile was made, road safety has been an issue which is why it is important to use car insurance quotes in New York City NY to meet your legal financial responsibilities.

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Car Insurance Quotes in New York

Car owners have many responsibilities that include maintaining proper insurance. While using car insurance quotes to buy a policy is a popular way to get coverage, not all quotes are legitimate. If you buy insurance from an insurer that is not approved in your state, you are basically uninsured from a legal standpoint. If you live in New York, you should use car insurance quotes in New York.

New York residents must maintain at least liability coverage on all registered vehicles. To meet this requirement, you need to purchase 25/50/10 coverage or at least $25,000 for bodily injury, $50,000 for death, and $10,000 for damage to property you cause in a single car accident. Do not assume this is your only financial responsibility. Since these are state minimums, you may still be held accountable for expenses that exceed those amounts paid by your insurance company.

With the exception of motorcycles, New York law requires insurance on all registered vehicles even if the cars are not in use. You do not have to insure vehicles that are not registered because they are not used. In order for the insurance to be valid, you must purchase it from an insurer approved to conduct business in the state. New York does not accept any type of out-of-state policy. You can use the zip code form here to get car insurance quotes in NY from state-approved providers.

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